Apples & Other Fruit

HOME Manchester

Visual arts performance

Performed only once, Apples and Other Fruits is an extraordinary, live art walkabout performance in HOME’s gallery space presided over by high-wire avant-guardian and force of nature, David Hoyle.

In collaboration with artist and makers, Jackie Haynes, Another Adele, Greg and Justin this will be a night of laughter and bravery, exploring the non-linearity of recovery from substance use within the LGBT+ community and beyond. It’s anything but dry.

Directed by Nick Blackburn

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2 Tony Wilson Place
First Street
M15 4FN


Performance time

8-9pm, Friday 22nd September

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Film Still.. Fruit Bowl. courtesy Amanda Ravetz & Huw Wahl

In the spirit of the Recoverist Manifesto

Through poetry, performance, film, live art and installation, this encounter creates a frame for the traces of lived experience — thoughtful, angry and beautiful.

Arrived at through a process of nomadic art making with ideas generated via trips to Southport, Platt Hall Gallery of Costume Gallery and Manchester’s Gay Village, a group of artists Recoverists and makers came together to confront the existing narratives of recovery and ask “what lies beyond?”

Arrived at through a process of nomadic art making we came together to confront existing narratives...
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Facing a hard truth

50 years since the partial decriminalisation of Homosexuality, LGBT+ people are still at risk of criminalisation and a loss of freedom. The rising and current phenomenon of chemsex is a visible symptom of the underlying trauma. 

It’s time to act by ‘outing’ the community use of substance as far from the recreational norm. It’s time for transcendence, healthier forms of hedonism and alternatives to a greater social connectedness.

We want to tell a story, shine a light, blow away the myths and be proud
Trip to Southport, courtesy Jackie Haynes
Trip to Southport, courtesy Jackie Haynes
Filming courtesy Jackie Haynes

Shining a light...

We want to tell a story, shine a light, blow away the myths and be proud. We want to generate new cultural possibilities for the emancipatory re-framing of addiction and recovery identities towards a truer collective freedom.

Directed by Nick Blackburn

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