Portraits of Recovery is a UK based, international visual arts charity. Founded in 2011 by Mark Prest, the organisation’s work supports people and communities affected by and in recovery from substance misuse to open up new ways of knowing and looking at the subject by working with contemporary visual art and artists.

PORe believes that arts & culture can be transformational in and of themselves. Its vision and intent is to improve the lives of people and communities in recovery by increasing access to cultural opportunity. A central aim is to facilitate contribution to an emergent cultural identity.

Portraiture in an expansive sense and as a starting point for dialogue around ‘self’ facilitates self representation to reveal new identities, sensibilities and ways of seeing the unseen. Recovery is a process of transformation, a passage that reconfigures a person’s identity.

Portraits of Recovery’s public facing programme supports voice, choice and control over representation as presented through lived experience of addiction & recovery beyond current clichéd representation.