Introducing the Recoverist Manifesto: A Collective Voice of Recovery


The Recoverist Manifesto

The Recoverist Manifesto is a powerful collective statement that unites the voices of individuals in recovery from the UK, Italy, and Turkey. Crafted through a collaborative effort, it was facilitated and carefully curated by Dr. Clive Parkinson, former Director of Arts for Health at the Manchester School of Art, in partnership with Portraits of Recovery. This manifesto emerged as a result of the Pan-European Life-Long Learning project from 2012 to 2014, titled "I AM: Art as an Agent for Change," which was led by PORe.

At its core, the Recoverist Manifesto champions the direct voice of those in recovery, advocating for the transformative redefinition of addiction and recovery identities. It doesn't view people as mere passive participants in recovery but instead empowers them as "Recoverists." This manifesto delves into the aspirations, hopes, fears, desires, and dreams of those on the journey to recovery.

Read the Manifesto here.