Recoverist Curators

With the Whitworth

Current Project

Recoverist = recovery + activist

Working in partnership with Portraits of Recovery, Recoverist Curators is a project that will work with people in recovery from substance use. The Recoverist Curators group will use the art collection at the Whitworth to explore and better understand the hopes, fears, desires and dreams experienced by Greater Manchester’s recovery community.  

Recoverist Curators is a participatory form of practice that builds on and develops a Recoverist glossary of language that better represents our recovery communities, within the gallery and the gallery’s collection. This constituent-led project will build on the learning the gallery has developed from other constituent-based exhibitions, such as Still Parents and (Un)Defining Queer to deliver a programme that has an equitable understanding of power-sharing, curation, engagement and learning. 

Over a 6-month period we will invite practitioners who identify as being in recovery, to deliver sessions with our Recoverists that revolve around the gallery’s art collection. These sessions will facilitate conversations within a safe space for the development of the Recoverist glossary, which will form the basis for a major public exhibition. 

Our Recoverist glossary will re-interpret art from the Whitworth’s collection through a Recoverist lens, positioning art as a tool that humanises the recovery experience, and better informs society about this community’s lived experience.  

Recoverist Curators call out

We are looking for a group of people in recovery from substance that have an interest in the arts and culture.  

Portraits of Recovery and the Whitworth have partnered together on the development of a project called Recoverist Curators. This will see people in recovery from substance use, come together to explore and reinterpret the Whitworth’s art collection, and influence their future programming. 

How to apply:  

Please email an expression of interest to outlining why you would like to be a part of this project in no more than 200 words.  

Closing date: 31st July 2024. 

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Photo by Lee Baxter.